Learning Drawing

Manga Eye Drawing – Anime Drawing

My friends, visitors to our precious site, will learn today how to draw an eye on the Japanese manga, which is famous and beloved by young people and adults.

Manga (Japanese kanji 漫画; hiragana まんが; katakana マガガ) is a Japanese term used for comic books, used outside of Japan to denote comic books produced in Japan,

Similar to Japanese style. This term may be used to refer to the industry related to this art as well as to the mass media(Journals, magazines, etc.).

Manga is a social phenomenon in Japan, dealing with almost all subjects (romance, adventure, science fiction, comedy, etc.)

Addressed to all segments of society alike. It is one of the most successful experiences in the field of comics globally

Japan’s weekly manga revenue is equivalent to the annual revenue for the American comics industry, due to the high demand for it.

The manga invaded Western societies in the early 1980s, with the burst of anime (Japanese animation) on European television screens. This has been particularly popular among young people.