How to draw a rose

Drawing roses or drawing a rose is one of the first things we tried to draw in our lives.
For making it easy to draw a flower at times. we represent it by a group of circles.

Of course, we all drew such roses in our childhood 🙂
The rose has beautiful expressions. According to the color and shape of the rose.
Even the occasion in which that rose is delivered
A series of drawing lessons will be presented by pencil and charcoal.
Each lesson is summarized in a picture. with a simple comment on each drawing.

In this lesson, we will present the way and how to draw the rose in detail.

  • We start from the top of the flower where the petals slowly swoop towards the center.
  • Start from the middle, go clockwise and work as one spiral as you see.
  • Make sure it looks like an oval shape and not a circle every time the direction changes.