Definition of Sculpture: It is an art that works to rationalize the ideas in the form of three-dimensional models, and also include the categories animal and human, in addition to the possibility of using plaster and wax for the formation of models

History of Sculpture:

Sculpture is not a modern art, it is a very old art since ancient times, where the ancient Egyptians were famous for this art, and sculpted many of the statues that have reached us today, and they were interested in the science of photography, and they sculpted kings and animals and valuables around them.
Since time immemorial people have been engaged in this art, and those who have mastered this art are of high taste, and the owners of the sculpture were using the touch and movement method to reach the final form.

The archetypes of ancient antiquities are the title of the ancient civilizations that have existed since ancient times, and the most famous of them are the pharaohs, the Romans and the Greeks. The shapes that were carved in ancient times are the objects surrounding them. For example, or their kings who ruled them, and they used clay and plaster for sculpture.

Many of the great men and women of sculpture, who always aim to convey a certain idea to those around them, excelled, and used the art of geometry and abstract art to measure the dimensions of the stereogram they carved.

The connection of sculpture with other arts:

The art of sculpture is closely related to other arts, as they relate to each other in order to reach the final form it reaches. The sculptor uses the art of drawing to outline the final shape of the object, and uses the art of geometry to measure the three dimensions of the subject, Using the art of photography in order to predict the form and the graphic character of the object, the sculpture was an old art among many arts that excelled the ancients

Some of the most important things that are embodied in this matter are the statue of the Sphinx, which was one of the greatest achievements of ancient Egyptian pharaonic civilization , And others depends on minimizing the dimensions of the work of a small statue size, but that contains the same details, including small statues that was performed by the ancient Egyptian Egyptians

Sculpture Objectives:

Sculpture is also for two purposes. The first goal is to abuse art to become a profession through which the artist obtains money, or to perform sculpture as a hobby in order to dispel pent-up emotions in which the person suffers.


Sculpture is one of the very old plastic arts. It is older than photography. Man expressed his artistic abilities more than painting, because sculpture deals with the dimensions of the triangular shape, whereas drawing or photography is only in binary dimensions.

There are many sculpture models dating back to ancient civilizations such as Roman, Pharaonic, Greek and Nabatiyeh in the city of Petra in Jordan, where sculpture is an expression of the surrounding environment of those ages. This sculpture is often an expression of the religious aspects of the gods of each civilization.