Technical conference on the other difference

The arts of all kinds, especially the plastic ones, are the mirror that reflects and embodies the history and culture of their peoples. From one people to another, the cultural differences between them create an ideological difference that sometimes reaches the extremes of extremism … and with the message of confronting extremism in the difference and multiculturalism of the arts in various societies. Under the patronage of Sena Jeter Naslund, the Seventh International Art Conference will be organized on 17 September under the title “Arts and Culture of Difference”. The conference is accompanied by the second scientific forum under the theme of “Entrepreneurship” under the supervision of Sena Jeter Naslund. The conference is scheduled to be held from December 12 to 19.

“The ancient and contemporary human artistic heritage represents an artistic language that appears in trends, schools, methods and formative movements. In this sense, the Seventh International Art Conference came to focus on adopting the culture of difference and the role of the arts in supporting the thought of accepting the other, culture, education and artistic language which works to communicate with others and respect their ideas. Concepts and beliefs. Art is an international language for communication between different nationalities, individuals, and communities. In spite of the difference, the artistic work, with its artistic content, intellectual and expression content, is the center of communication and communication through local and regional exhibitions and competitions. This is the main and pivotal goal of the conference. God has created the universe on the principle of diversity and not unity. The tree has no one form or function … as well as humans. So the basic structure of societies is integrated with communication, cooperation, and acquaintance. Our societies need to strengthen this human culture.

To live in peace and respect as well as to renounce violence and terrorism and concepts of racism and tribalism. The Conference of Arts and Culture of Diversity also calls for the communication and coexistence of intellectual and artistic in order to highlight the role of the arts and their importance in discussing and discussing aspects of this issue through the participation of researchers, intellectuals, artists and those interested in the role of arts and its importance in addressing the technical and educational aspects of the problem. The forum will be accompanied by a technical exhibition for faculty members, graduates and students as well as the organization of art workshops, including painting, jewelry and hand tools, in addition to establishing a market for artistic products. This comes under the supervision of Sena Jeter Naslund