Music is the only language in the world that is understood through hearing, without teaching or explaining. It is a basic material in the curricula of many schools around the world. It is important for life and human health in particular. It also benefits all living things. The self because of hearing, they contribute to the recommendation and self-discipline

as known to many of the geniuses and those who are interested in them, and they described what he gives to man, and the good words are to (Gibran Khalil Gibran): “She is the daughter of the silent features, the born of emotions revealing the human psyche, aware of the truth of what,” as he said it is the language of souls and touched the doors of feelings, as well as they alert the memory, and stated that it is not only the language of emotions, but is also a language for both understanding and thought

Music has been known for its importance and its profound impact in many aspects of life, whether material or psychological

The Impact of Physical Music on Human Life

Music vibrations affect the nervous system, so much so that these vibrations act to anesthetize nerve cells, thus creating a sense of relaxation, elimination of pain triggers

When you hear the right music, the body works on the natural antibodies that strengthen the immune system and help the body overcome the disease by enabling the brain to secrete a chemical called endorphins, which reduces concentrated density in the brain and thus reduces pain.

The Impact of Psychological Music on Human Life

It is an extension of his natural desire to express himself. An example of this is the third Beethoven symphony, which he responded to Napoleon Bonaparte’s ambitions with a stark stream of melodies, expressing the passions of humanity in the quest for freedom , And its rejection of injustice, war and bloodshed

Ancient civilizations in Greece, Egypt, China, and India have been able to access the magic and impact of music on humans, to find that they have used them in their religious rite, as a means of transcendence and access to transparency

Music in the mystic has a deeper and higher status. According to the book “Spiritual Hearing in the Sufi Tradition,” listening to music brings man to the state of spiritual ecstasy. Modern psychology emphasizes the importance of music in directing the individual toward good behavior

james Encoder a true artist, known as one of the giants of contemporary Sufi composers, said that Sufi music is the source from which the mystic draws inspiration, like the earth, does not know what will come out of it or at any moment will be, but he cannot the moment of passage, he must be present in the case of maturity of the seed and its emergence, ‘’Man does not know what the seed buried in the depths’’.

It should be noted that music has been included in the list of treatment programs in many children’s hospitals where music works to calm them, and perhaps this idea came from the habits of mothers who sing to their children before bed, and music is also an effective treatment for patients with cancer and some other diseases