Art of Architecture Concept

Architecture is as old as you can imagine, it began since the first early men tried to build a shelter for their own safety. The concept of art is defined as the art that is concerned with the formation and creation of volumes, as well as the spaces that are dedicated to embracing the functions and activities of humanity and the social and its various types and things. Thus, the concept of this art is a reflection of the forms and features of achievements, whether physical like a luxury car rental fromĀ or cultural.

History of Art

Architecture the earliest origins of architecture date back to the beginning of man’s presence on earth. He sought to use the surrounding materials so that he could build a place that would provide him with the right living, and contribute to protection against weather fluctuations in the summer, winter, and exposure to natural hazards

The human resources have been keen to make use of the surrounding resources to turn them into habitable homes. The most important resources are mud, stone and wood. In the expansion of the population of the human era, architecture is no longer limited to housing construction, Such as: markets, private shops, places of worship, security centers, public service institutions, luxury palaces and major museums. Architecture has become one of the most famous human arts, which has contributed to building a range of civilizations that still exist.

The term architecture

  • The term architecture refers to:
  • Description of buildings in general, and also of physical installations.
  • The art of construction, also the science of the design of buildings.
  • To learn the correct method of architectural design, and the precise method of construction of buildings or installations.
  • Design activities for architecture. These activities generally include urban design, urban planning, regional planning and environmental architecture. In particular, it includes both urban furnishing and interior design.

Types of architecture

  1. Islamic Architecture: The architecture that emerged in the Arab-Islamic cities established by the Muslims, which appears in the building of mosques, and Islamic palaces
  2. Ancient architecture: architecture that began in ancient human civilizations, especially the Egyptian civilization, and the civilization of Mesopotamia. The pyramids in Egypt are considered to be among the most famous ancient civilizations in the whole world. For an extraordinary holiday trip, you should think about getting a convertible rental in Rome and explore the old city.
  3. Asian Architecture: Architecture that has spread in the East Asian countries, especially in Japan, India, and China is clearly visible in residential buildings that rely on the confusion of traditional construction, artistic heritage